November 8- Who’s the Boss? You or Your Money?



Hey all! It’s me, Monica. I grew up in Northern Indiana, graduated from Purdue
University (Boiler Up!) and moved back to my hometown to serve as the Children’s Pastor at my home church. There I learned lots about ministry and life but more importantly met a really cute drummer, who, a few years later, became my husband.
On September 25, 2010, I gained a husband and two daughters, Katie and Ashley. A few years later the Lyon Pride added two little boy cubs, Cooper (5) and Camden (4).  Since then we have added Tom (married to Katie) and their two kiddos, Molly (2) and Henry (8 months) and Mike (married to Ashley).
In 2009, debt and poor financial decisions caught up with me and I was forced to
make some hard choices. I was introduced to Financial Peace University. Mike and I decided that we needed to make changes in the way we saved and spent our money. In two years we made sacrifices and were blessed over and over with God’s provision. Since 2010 we have lived mostly debt free. We learned that the Baby Steps are in place to help guide and teach us but ultimately our behaviors were what had to change. Things like monthly budgets and using cash now help us to maintain our debt free status and continue to our goals with money.
Wouldn’t it be nice to not fight and worry about money? How would your life change if you knew all of the bills were paid? What if you got to be the boss of your money instead of it always controlling you? Come out this Friday for all of the simple answers to these questions and more! Just kidding, I wish! But seriously, come out on Friday and I will share more details about our story. Hopefully it will encourage you and challenge you. And maybe some of the things we have learned along the way will help you to find true financial freedom.

October 25- Peace in the Midst of Problems

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Amy Greenawalt is an Ohio native, but she and her husband Mark have lived in
Seymour 20 years. They have 4 children ages 16, 13, 11 and 8. Amy is a piano
teacher, and runs a piano studio from her home. Music is a huge part of her
family’s life. She helps supervise a children’s preschool class at BSF in
Columbus, and teaches a preschool Sunday school class at church. She enjoys
exercising with friends, playing the piano, baking, gardening, reading and
watching all her kids’ activities.
Amy will share how God can give us peace in the midst of the pain and struggles
of life. She will also be sharing how to find balance in our busy lives, from
Rebekah Lyon’s new book, “Rhythms of Renewal

October 11- Intentional Healthy Living: Emptying, Filling, and Overflowing

Kelcey Gropp is a wife and mom of two from Wisconsin. She helps lead worship and Bible studies with her husband at their church, continues to work on growing the Fresh Start health ministry that she founded in 2016, and is also in the process of starting an interior design business. (You can find out more about Fresh Start and the health team at She is passionate about Jesus Christ, the Word of God, investing in her own health (in mind, body, and spirit), and sharing what she has learned with others. She loves being in nature, laughing, hanging out with her family and friends, and (when money allows)…a little shopping.
Kelcey will share from her own story some of what she has learned intentional healthy living looks like. She will share how what she has learned has translated into very practical application pieces that she believes women can learn how to incorporate into their lives so that they can live more health-full lives in mind, body and spirit.
“I truly believe that what the Lord teaches us we have the privilege and responsibility of sharing with others.” As a former short-time Hoosier herself, Kelcey looks forward to getting to be with you all in Indiana.

September 27- Prayer: It is Easier Than You Think



Margie Newton and her husband, Doug, were led by the Lord to start a prayer ministry called “Mary’s Place” back in 2001. Since that time they have led many prayer retreats and have co-directed the National Prayer Ministry of the Free Methodist denomination. They continue to speak and encourage people in how to develop and gain spiritual growth through prayer.

As a Mom of 2 grown daughters and pastor’s wife for over 40 years, Margie has learned the significance of prayer as a mom but also the challenges of incorporating prayer into life.

Margie will “debunk” some of the “road blocks” of prayer and encourage you in how prayer is easier than you think. It can be incorporated into life – in fact it is life.

Through scripture’s Truth and some very practical “tips” come and hear how something you thought you didn’t have time for can become as easy as “breathing.”

August 30- What Does Faith Look Like in Kids at Different Ages and Stages?

Allison Williams was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, but has been blessed to have spent the past 14 years in full-time ministry in Seymour, Indiana. She currently serves as the Youth Pastor at Reddington Christian Church.  She has a heartbeat for encouraging others and trying to make hard faith concepts more understandable.
She’s authored over 40 youth ministry resources and frequently guest blogs on youth ministry websites. Allison has never met a stranger, loves cooking up new recipes, and is so organized she has two label makers (just in case).
Allison will be sharing on faith development in kids. Moms are incredible at making sure that their kids are where they need to be in every area of life: educationally, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. But oftentimes, parents overlook the spiritual piece of development assuming that it’ll work itself out later.  Some families do want to cultivate more spiritual conversations at home, but just don’t know where to begin or what their child can handle.  During this talk, we will discover what kids can grasp in their faith journey at every age and stage.  We will also explore some creative ideas and resources that can support growing your beliefs at home.  Join us as we discuss the important work of instilling our faith legacy into our families!

March 29- Marriage Can Be Hard!



Dana’s heart is to connect women with God’s heart through the teaching of His Word. After being a stay-at-home mom, Dana taught in colleges in Texas and Tennessee and provided training for businesses and industries. Currently she works at Pier 1 where she loves to connect with women from all over the world! Dana gets excited about meaningful, honest conversation, celebrating small victories, and spending time with her incredible husband, family, and friends.

Dana will be sharing about marriage.  She says, “Don’t be discouraged or disappointed if you find that your marriage is hard!!  The Bible tells us that if we are married–there will be trouble!  We will look at practical ways to handle some of the hard stuff:  expectations, conflict, and communication!  It’s never too late or too early to have a healthy marriage!”

March 15- Making a Difference with Your Heart, Your Hands and Your Home



Deanna Young’s mission statement for her life is “to make a difference to
someone everyday.” She has a passion for random acts of kindness. She
also loves to help others become the person God created them to be and
to help people accomplish their goals and make their dreams come true.
She loves sharing Christ through scripture, life experiences and humorous
stories. Deanna has been a Christian since she was 10 years old. She has
been speaking to women’s groups for 17 years.

She recently published a book of daily devotions entitled Extra Hot Fudge Please. She is President of Bucket Buddies Mission, Inc., a non‐profit
which she created in honor of her sister who passed away in 2014 after 9
years of struggling with ovarian cancer. Bucket Buddies Mission provides
buckets of goodies to children suffering from cancer and other life‐
threatening illnesses.

Deanna lives in southeast Indiana where she and her husband of 30 years
live on the Young family farm. They have two grown daughters. Deanna
is a corporate trademark paralegal with a degree in Journalism and
Speech Communications from Ball State University and a Paralegal
Certification from Saint Mary of the Woods. She loves football
(Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning), riding her bicycle, playing the
piano, reading, writing and watching Christmas movies!

Deanna will be sharing how we can make a difference with our heart, hands, and homes.  She states, “As moms we are always looking for ways to pour into our families but also try to find ways to keep our identity in the process.  We will look at time-saving, practical ways to organize and declutter our homes while finding ways to add our special touch by decorating on a budget.  We will also discuss how to keep our hearts in an attitude of service to the Lord and look at simple ways to make a difference to others through intentional acts of kindness.  We will have fun learning how to pull our thoughts and actions together to show Christ’s love all the while making a difference with our heart, our hands and our homes.”