August 30- What Does Faith Look Like in Kids at Different Ages and Stages?

Allison Williams was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, but has been blessed to have spent the past 14 years in full-time ministry in Seymour, Indiana. She currently serves as the Youth Pastor at Reddington Christian Church.  She has a heartbeat for encouraging others and trying to make hard faith concepts more understandable.
She’s authored over 40 youth ministry resources and frequently guest blogs on youth ministry websites. Allison has never met a stranger, loves cooking up new recipes, and is so organized she has two label makers (just in case).
Allison will be sharing on faith development in kids. Moms are incredible at making sure that their kids are where they need to be in every area of life: educationally, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. But oftentimes, parents overlook the spiritual piece of development assuming that it’ll work itself out later.  Some families do want to cultivate more spiritual conversations at home, but just don’t know where to begin or what their child can handle.  During this talk, we will discover what kids can grasp in their faith journey at every age and stage.  We will also explore some creative ideas and resources that can support growing your beliefs at home.  Join us as we discuss the important work of instilling our faith legacy into our families!

March 29- Marriage Can Be Hard!



Dana’s heart is to connect women with God’s heart through the teaching of His Word. After being a stay-at-home mom, Dana taught in colleges in Texas and Tennessee and provided training for businesses and industries. Currently she works at Pier 1 where she loves to connect with women from all over the world! Dana gets excited about meaningful, honest conversation, celebrating small victories, and spending time with her incredible husband, family, and friends.

Dana will be sharing about marriage.  She says, “Don’t be discouraged or disappointed if you find that your marriage is hard!!  The Bible tells us that if we are married–there will be trouble!  We will look at practical ways to handle some of the hard stuff:  expectations, conflict, and communication!  It’s never too late or too early to have a healthy marriage!”

March 15- Making a Difference with Your Heart, Your Hands and Your Home



Deanna Young’s mission statement for her life is “to make a difference to
someone everyday.” She has a passion for random acts of kindness. She
also loves to help others become the person God created them to be and
to help people accomplish their goals and make their dreams come true.
She loves sharing Christ through scripture, life experiences and humorous
stories. Deanna has been a Christian since she was 10 years old. She has
been speaking to women’s groups for 17 years.

She recently published a book of daily devotions entitled Extra Hot Fudge Please. She is President of Bucket Buddies Mission, Inc., a non‐profit
which she created in honor of her sister who passed away in 2014 after 9
years of struggling with ovarian cancer. Bucket Buddies Mission provides
buckets of goodies to children suffering from cancer and other life‐
threatening illnesses.

Deanna lives in southeast Indiana where she and her husband of 30 years
live on the Young family farm. They have two grown daughters. Deanna
is a corporate trademark paralegal with a degree in Journalism and
Speech Communications from Ball State University and a Paralegal
Certification from Saint Mary of the Woods. She loves football
(Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning), riding her bicycle, playing the
piano, reading, writing and watching Christmas movies!

Deanna will be sharing how we can make a difference with our heart, hands, and homes.  She states, “As moms we are always looking for ways to pour into our families but also try to find ways to keep our identity in the process.  We will look at time-saving, practical ways to organize and declutter our homes while finding ways to add our special touch by decorating on a budget.  We will also discuss how to keep our hearts in an attitude of service to the Lord and look at simple ways to make a difference to others through intentional acts of kindness.  We will have fun learning how to pull our thoughts and actions together to show Christ’s love all the while making a difference with our heart, our hands and our homes.”

February 20- How to Help Kids Understand Anger and How to Manage It


Sabrina Andonegui Meneses was born in Mexico City and lived in Mexico until she moved to Batesville Indiana, in 2012. She earned a degree in psychology from the Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City. Sabrina worked several years with toddlers in early childhood development, helping them to enhance their intellectual, social and motor skills.

Since moving to Batesville, she has been a stay-at-home mom to her two children and has been trying to reinvent herself. Sabrina discovered the passion she has to learn about human emotions. She has personally dealt with exploring her own emotions, as a child, and how they have shaped her into the woman she is today. By learning from herself, she has become immersed in an amazing path of human emotions, and now during the las two years she has been helping some parents from her community through conferences and workshops to help their kids identify their emotions and use them in a healthy way.

Sabrina says:  “I’ve learned in my journey that we all have emotions and they are all good for us, if we know how to express them. I truly believe teaching kids to express their emotions and how to manage them is like giving them the most powerful tool for life.

As a parent and an explorer of children’s emotions I live my life believing “A child is not giving us a hard time, a child is having a hard time”. That has help me to be compassionate and empathetic toward them.”

Sabrina will be sharing about helping kids understand and manage anger.  We will learn why it is so important to teach kids how to express anger and not to repress it, and also some easy steps to manage it.

February 8- Girl Talk: It’s Getting Hot in Here

Montica Chambers was born and raised in Louisville. She moved to Lexington to attend the University of KY, where she graduation with a degree in Public Relations and met her husband, Elton,  of 16 years. She worked at Nextel briefly after college, then worked for Heritage Community Services as a Sexual Abstinence Educator for middle and high school students. Her family moved to Seymour six years ago from Charleston, SC, and have made it their home. Montica stays busy being a mom to their three kids, helping with youth ministry at First Baptist Church, volunteering with Emerson’s PTO and maintaining the somewhat organized chaos in their home. She loves Jesus and coffee, and has aspirations to one day learn a musical instrument 😉

You don’t want to miss this candid, helpful talk with Montica as she discusses how to keep the romance alive as the years go by!

January 11- How a Great Big God is in All the Tiny Moments



Jan Fenton and Annie Ferret are going to tag team sharing with us about how our great big, creator of the universe, amazing God is SO BIG and also so small and within every teenie, tiny detail of our every moments. They will also share some ways parents and kids can discover together how big and powerful, yet personal God is. 

Annie is a stay at home mama to 2 boys, Bauer (4) and Maizen (almost 4 months). Her husband Tim works at SpringHill Camps. Annie has been “SAHMing” since Bauer arrived in 2014, but prior to that she worked in public relations and marketing. She loves working alongside Tim in relational ministry, any type of working out that “hurts so good,” and encouraging others to places they never thought possible. 

Jan currently is a stay at home mom and home school teacher to Mattea (7) and Jace (4). Her husband, Dustin, works at SpringHill Camps. Jan coaches girls high school tennis, volunteers at SpringHill, and teaches 2nd & 3rd grade Sunday school. She enjoys hiking with her family, playing any kind of racket sport, and finding good breakfast places.

Jan and Annie have known each other since 2008 when they met living and working in Greenville, IL. They have gone from volunteering as youth leaders together and seeing how many small group members could fit in an outhouse to now exploring camp with their kiddos, “eating” playdough meals and taking the Code Names crown while all throughout cheering each other on in life.



November 30- Too Blessed to STAY Stressed…For Moms”

IMG_6243a (rec).jpg

            Debora M. Coty is an inspirational humorist, popular speaker and award-winning author of over 30 books, including the bestselling Too Blessed to be Stressed series (over 750k copies sold).

Debora’s faith-based humorous women’s books include:

  • Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms
  • *Too Blessed to be Stressed: Inspiration for Every Day
  • *Too Blessed to be Stressed Cookbook
  • * Too Blessed to be Stressed
  • *Fear, Faith, and a Fistful of Chocolate
  • *Mom NEEDS Chocolate
Debora’s gift is humor and her passion is sharing the joy of the Lord. When she’s not slaving over hot computer or sharing her offbeat brand of wit and near-wisdom as an event speaker, Debora adoreswatting a little ball around a court in several tennis leagues. A lifelong resident of Florida, piano teacher (25 years) and retired orthopedic occupational therapist (36 years), Debora has two growchildren, four precious grandbuddies, and one longsuffering husband of 40 years. They live, love and

laugh in central Florida with their desperately wicked pooch, Fenway.

Her presentation, “Too Blessed to STAY Stressed…For Moms” will include a Stress Test for Moms to determine their stress level starting point; identifying three common stressors of the ‘Hood (Motherhood) and how to successfully decom-stress them (these include the “shoulds,” living in E-World, and comparing ourselves to others.) We’ll also discuss mom-guilt, learn to pour Hot Fudge Verses over our kiddos, and find out where we each fall within the 4 basic parenting styles.

You will not want to miss this encouraging, entertaining talk as we head into what can be a very stressful time of year!  Join fellow moms for a morning to relax and de-stress!